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The new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 come into force from April 6th 2015 to continually improve the Health & Safety of those who construct, maintain and use the building:


  • Simplifications of the regulations with less bureaucracy
  • The role of the CDM Coordinator is replaced with a new role called the ‘Principal Designer’ where there is more than ONE contractor deployed on a project at any given time
  • Removal of the ‘domestic’ client exemption with duties falling on to the contractor or principal contractor where is there in more than ONE contractor deployed on site. These roles can be transferred to the ‘Principal Designer’ if appointed by the client
  • Removal of ‘competence’ with the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and training
  • Project notification threshold change meaning that smaller and medium sized contracts will not have to be notified
  • Replacement of the Approved Codes of Practices with Industry Guidance notes on the 5 duty holders, namely the client, principal designer, designer, principal contractor and contractor.



If you are a client:

Regulations 4 and 5 – set out client’s duty to make suitable arrangements for managing a project and maintaining and reviewing them for its duration so that it is carried out in the way that manages the health and safety risks involved. For projects involving more than one contractor, these regulations require the client to appoint a principal designer and principal contractor and to make sure that they carry out their duties.

Regulation 6 – sets out the duty that a  client has to notify the relevant enforcement authority of certain construction projects


If you are a Principal Designer?

Regulation 11 – sets out the duties a principal designer has during the pre-construction phase. They include requirements to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the work of the phase and to liaise with the principal contractor in providing information relevant  for the planning, management and monitoring of the construction phase.

Regulation 12 – sets out a number of duties on either the principal designer or principal contractor for the preparation, review, revision and updating of construction phase plans and  health and safety files.


If you are a Designer?

Regulations 9 and 10 – set out the duties paced on designers. These include the duty to eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable health and safety risks through the design process such as those that may arise during construction work or in maintaining and using the building once it is built.


If you are a Principal Contractor?

Regulation 13 – sets out the duties the principal contractor has during the construction phase. Their main duty is     to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the work of the phase. Other duties include making sure suitable site inductions and welfare facilities are     provided

Regulation 14 – places duties on the principal contractor to consult and engage with workers or their responsibilities. These duties are in addition to those in separate legislation which requires employers to consult with their employees (or their representatives) on health and safety matters


If you are a Contractor?

 Regulation 15 – places duties on contractors. The main duty is to plan, manage and monitor the work under their control. Other duties include complying with directions given to them  by either the principal designer or principal contractor on sites where there is more than one contractor and preparing a construction phase plan on sites where they are the only contractor.


Paddock Johnson Partnership have provided CDM consultancy and acted as Planning Supervisors since 1994 and CDM Coordinators since 2007 and now the new CDM Regulations 2015, where we have shared our skills, knowledge and expertise by conducting seminars within the North West area.

  • We can provide CDM services as ‘Principal Designer’ or provide health and safety advice for a range of projects both in the domestic and commercial markets
  • We can provide a reliable and responsive tailored CDM service to meet your specific needs
  • We provide the support necessary to fulfil your requirements under the new CDM Regulations 2015





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